Bespoke Textiles brooch

The book

Katie’s number one best selling book, The Textile Touch, maps her insightful journey through fashion and hospitality; from Bill’s Restaurants to Royal Palaces. This is done by drawing on her 25 years of experience to help you bring your brand to life using textile touch points that show your brand quality in seconds.

Learn how to:

  • Translate your brand style into unique uniforms and collections that elevate your brand value
  • Discover the sourcing and product development secrets of luxury high end fashion designers and brands
  • Develop a stunning signature style using our BESPOKE methodology to build your brand’s very own capsule collection
  • Follow a simple 6-step formula to give you the confidence to design and deliver your own unique brand products, uniforms or attire
  • Bring your brand to life with textile touch points that last
The Textile Touch book by Katie Young Gerald