Bespoke Textiles uniform design and development service

Bespoke Uniform design & development

We delve into designing and researching in keeping your brand values and style at its core. We create unique and authentic design selections for you; consistent with your budget and supply needs. We begin sourcing, designing and developing your product, creating stylish and purposeful designs tailored to you.

If you’re in need of an off the shelf solution to save time, our excellent family factory sources from UK to Hong Kong can help provide the answers.

What we deliver:

  • Finding your core style assets adding value to your brand
  • Research board to inspire designs
  • Fabric sourcing and swatches
  • Production price indication
  • Show you similar samples and best seller templates as inspiration for styles
  • Provide unique creative direction for your brand, unparalleled by other uniform suppliers
  • CAD designs to go straight to production
  • Add extra brand enhancing details
  • Technical packs
  • Deep and resourceful, ethical sourcing
  • Sample development prototypes, tweaks and approval – up to 2 pieces included
  • Your brand product extensions identified and costed
  • 46 strong niche factory supplier base
  • Unique vintage inspiration archive
  • Sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacture

The design package is charged separately and there are a range of development packages.

What the value we add means to you:

  • Higher perceived brand value for your money = happier customers that spend more.
  • Better retention of staff = saves cost on retraining and staff recruitment.
  • Improving brand image = you can charge more across the board.
  • Luxury product range/brand extensions = extra income or sales on existing business – see our Middle Temple case study
  • London based office and Hong Kong support office = better customer support.

Simple sample package

Create an additional product collection or branded uniform pieces:

  • A simple sample, starting from £350 per piece
  • Basic branded product generated from one of our existing templates from a t-shirt or apron to a cushion or lapel pin
Bill's Bring Me Sunshine t-shirt
Branded t-shirt (BT010T)
Bill's bespoke napkins

Bespoke sample package

Bespoke garments developed exclusively for you:

  • A bespoke sample, starting from £650 per piece
  • A more complex product with more time investment from a dress or shirt to jacket
Bespoke hospitality brooch
Bespoke navy blue dress
Bespoke Textiles restaurant uniform

Bespoke core uniform collection package

Everything you need to prep a collection of products or uniform collection for production:

  • A full service from £2,000, consisting of all of the above along with inspiration, creative direction, style guidance, product ideas and a full uniform proposal
  • Three styles designed and developed and two follow up meetings and sourcing fabrics to brief
Bespoke blue uniform dress
Gold and black uniform brooch
Bespoke blue uniform jacket with white shirt and bespoke brooch

Bespoke multi-product collection package

Recommended for larger multi site clients who constantly need pieces adding, updating and resupplying:

  • Service from £5,000, including all of the above and stock re-order management system
  • Review and update design and stock requirement
  • Staff focus groups
  • Fitting service
  • Story of the creating of the collection / uniform for media
  • Full illustration and inspiration boards of finished designs additional cost
  • Bespoke made materials to match brand style and values
  • UK and overseas managed production, QC and delivery
  • Up to eight meetings per year
Bespoke hospitality front of house wear
Bespoke hospitality jacket design
Bespoke hospitality dress design