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About us

Bespoke Textiles is a multi-award winning design and supply business based in London and Hong Kong. We design, develop and supply unique uniforms and merchandise collections to hotels and other high end hospitality and heritage brands such as The Ivy Collection, Ace Hotel and The SoHo House Group.

Our passion is to have your brand stand out with unique style through a sustainable supply chain so you can effortlessly concentrate on doing what you do best.

Katie, our Founder, has been creating, customising and supplying quality clothing and textiles to luxury brands for 25 years, sourcing in the UK and globally. After more than 15 years working with fashion brands, the Bespoke Textiles journey started with a Pizza East napkin. Watch Katie tell the story here:

We are designers and suppliers of uniforms and product collections to The Ivy Collection, Bill’s Restaurants and the Soho House Group, to name a few.

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Bespoke methodology

We use our BESPOKE methodology to add greater depth to our discovery and design taking in style, environmental values and sustainability. Find out what the BESPOKE acronym stands for.

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Bespoke Textiles sustainability


We love what we do but we don’t believe it should have a cost. Learn how we have tailored our supply chain to save waste and align ourselves to UN global goals of responsible consumption and production.

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Bespoke Textiles Venus and SME News awards

Awards & press

Over recent years Bespoke Textiles and its founder Katie Young Gerald have received an impressive number of awards and finalist nominations, including the women’s small business Venus Award and the SME News Award.

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Leather keyrings (BT037K), stainless steel cufflinks (BT026C) & Jacquard silk and microfibre ties (BT031T & BT032T)


We value our close partnership working relationships with a range of companies and organisations. Each is unique and helps us in providing high quality service to our clients in hospitality, heritage and other sectors.

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The Textile Touch book by Katie Young Gerald

The book

The Textile Touch, Katie’s number one best selling book, maps her insightful journey through fashion and hospitality. Drawing on 25 years of experience Katie helps you bring your brand to life using textile touch points that maximise your brand quality.

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