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Second Hand September

I wanted to wish everyone a super September. ​ And on a personal note, I also wanted to remind you this is the month of Second Hand September the brilliant... read more →

The Importance Of Face Masks

We've just found out that all mask imports are actually VAT exempt and they have only 6.2% duty! This is valid for purchases and import deliveries before the 31st of July.... read more →
Bespoke Textiles hospitality lapel pins

What is luxury to you?

Luxury is being completely redefined. It’s not the opulent, inaccessible, at all cost kind of product or status lifestyle experience that it used to be were money was no impact... read more →
Male Model in Bespoke Uniform | Bespoke Textiles

What sustainability is Not!

Is being pushed to break point to give the maximum for the bare minimum of margin and volume which becomes a false economy for both the supplier and the client. ... read more →

Conscious Creative Steps in Business

We recently went back to a client who was constantly having issues with their uniform and we identified that there were several different factors affecting this as it wasn’t happening... read more →
Powerdressing pussy bow dress | Bespoke Textiles

Pussy bow perfect uniform

Incorporating fashion trends when developing unique, stylish and practical bespoke uniforms that make an impact is what we love to do best. We are always searching for style inspiration past... read more →
Katie Young Gerald at the Women's Radio Station

Katie on Women’s Radio Station

Our founder, Katie, dropped by to Women's Radio Station to talk all things hospitality and to promote the exciting re-launch of English Eccentrics. Click the link below to listen!
Limited edition embroidered handkerchief by Gillian Wearing in collaboration with Plinth | Bespoke Textiles

The art of commemorative textiles

Commemorative textiles are a wonderful expression of our world history that should never be forgotten. Celebrating the past with wonderful cloth designs is a visually impactful and creative way of... read more →
Suit/tree illustration

Debunking myths about recycled textiles

Bespoke Textiles has been co-creating bespoke textile and fashion solutions with beauty, ethics and originality for high-end brands because of their founder’s 25 years of dedication to saving waste. So... read more →
Venus Awards Nominee 2018

We have been nominated …twice!

Bespoke Textiles is a brand dedicated to creating tailored supply chains that save waste. Our aim is simple and our goal is achieved time and time again for multiple high-end... read more →
Blanket making for Bill's Restaurants

Bespoke blanket making

After successfully producing sustainably sourced uniforms for Bill's Restaurants (see case study), we were asked if we could source and develop blankets. Blankets were a new challenge for our design... read more →
Francesca, Ethical Unicorn

An interview with…

Bespoke Textiles has a strong dedication to sustainable fashion and ethical practices, stemming from our founder, Katie Young Gerald. She has always been passionate about vintage fashion and upcycling what... read more →
Emma, Not My First Rodeo

Interview: Not My First Rodeo

Bespoke Textiles has a strong dedication to sustainable fashion and ethical practices, stemming from our founder Katie. She has always been passionate about vintage fashion and upcycling what may seem... read more →
Pure London 2018 fashion trade show

Bespoke Textiles at Pure London

Bespoke Textiles founder, Katie Young Gerald, is speaking at fashion trade show Pure London today. She will be discussing her 25 years experience in the luxury fashion, textiles and interiors... read more →
Plastic bottle on the beach

The cost of fast fashion

Bespoke Textiles launched seven years ago to design and supply the world of hospitality textiles. Offering everything from uniforms, aprons and napkins to blankets in an ethical way, our ethos... read more →
Assorted fabrics

Why you need sustainable uniforms

As you may know, we have recently had the privilege and honour of being nominated as finalists for the National Business Award for Sustainability for reducing textile waste. We wanted... read more →
UK Housekeepers Association logo

Katie’s industry journey

With over 25 years in the fashion and hospitality industry, Bespoke Textiles founder and owner Katie has so much knowledge to offer. She was recently invited to speak at a... read more →
Housekeepers uniform by Bespoke Textiles

UK Housekeepers Association event

Do you remember when we told you about our magnificent day at the UK Housekeepers Association Event? Our founder and Brand Director, Katie Young Gerald, gave a speech sharing her... read more →

Chefs are the new designers

This week we got a chance to to speak to hospitality's hidden hero, Rob Seals. The Operations Director of The Hospital Club, Covent Garden's finest private members club, this industry... read more →

Bring me sunshine!

During Summer 2016, until November 2017, The Hive at Kew Gardens will be open for the public to explore in all its award-winning glory. Designed by UK based artist Wolfgang... read more →
Dame Vivienne Westwood: British icon

British icon: Dame Vivienne Westwood

Dame Vivienne Westwood is Britain’s style icon. Unapologetically bold, fierce and forward thinking with her trends - her revolutionary attitude towards fashion and tackling climate and social issues, has globally... read more →