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Discussing demoralising generic uniforms with Peter Clerkin

Peter Clerkin talks about his experience with Bespoke Textiles. He explains what the co-creation process was like with founder Katie Young Gerald and shares his personal experience with demoralising generic uniforms.

Duration: 5:19

Designing a raincoat made from recycled plastic bottles

We are pleased to have been championing sustainable fashion and sourcing for over 10 years. Here’s an example of an earlier project, a raincoat made entirely of recycled water bottles! We are still wearing ours now and they still in fabulous condition and style. We worked on this project with the fabulous Dyberg Larson and textiles designer Emma Jeffs

Duration: 1:15

Bill’s Restaurants bespoke uniform explained

Founder and Director of Bespoke Textiles Katie Young Gerald in conversation with Peter Clerkin of Bill’s Restaurants, discussing uniform customisation and their tailored supply chain.

Duration: 8:23

Style and company branding with The Hospital Club

Style and company branding is important when creating and designing uniform, both negative and positive. This short video shows how Bespoke Textiles helped create effective branding with one of London’s coolest and unique members clubs, The Hospital Club

Duration: 1:03

Pizza East napkins started our hospitality career

Our journey working with 5 star and private member hospitality groups began with Pizza East in London. We redesigned and developed their new napkins over seven years ago, and have been doing so ever since!

Duration: 1:34

Problem solving with The Chicken Shop Restaurant

Have a sneak peak of the issues The Chicken Shops had with their uniform and discover how Bespoke Textiles helped solve their problems with our new design.

Duration: 0:43

A one minute introduction to Bespoke Textiles

What it is we exactly do? Who are the clients that we co-create with?

Find out in under one minute in this video.

Duration: 0:59

Three key problems Directors & Managers face with uniform…

What are the three main issues Directors and Managers have where uniform is concerned in the work place? In this video our Director and founder Katie Young Gerald explains why it’s important to pay attention to the uniform and staff in the hospitality industry. Let us know your thoughts!

Duration: 5:11