Bespoke Textiles partnerships


Below are some of the companies and organisations that we work closely with. Each partnership is unique and helps us to provide a high quality service to our own clients in hospitality, heritage and other sectors.

Dent logo


Dent understand entrepreneurs and we partner with them to be part of a community of entrepreneurial businesses that provide support and extended services that help grow our businesses passionately together.

UK Housekeepers Association logo

UK Housekeepers Association

We partner with the UK Housekeepers Association as a trusted supplier and take part in their Shared Knowledge Days, providing inspiration to the housekeeper members and managers of hotels. We contribute by giving talks about style and supply, sharing our knowledge with a fantastic body of people.

EP Insights logo


We work with EP because they serve the best of the best with intelligent, thought leadership for the hospitality industry. We work with them as a trusted supplier to many of their partners by putting on showcases and presentations, around the importance of how you present yourself and your people (see more here).

BoB (Business of Brand) logo

BoB Group

BoB (Business of Brand) are all about brand and we’ve been on many of their courses. We are particularly proud to be partners with them; it is BoB that nominated us for the Venus Awards Best Small Business category that we won.

Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy logo

Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy

Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy provide the most incredible services and contribution by training and teaching the best hoteliers around the world. We have long been their trusted partner supplier and we love working with them for the unique and invaluable partnerships they have brought to us.

Royal Trinity Hospital logo

Royal Trinity Hospice

We support the Royal Trinity Hospice who are based in Clapham Common, London, just down the road from our studio. We support them by choosing them as our preferred donation partner for surplus stock and reusable garments and items from our lives. We also use them as an incredible source for unique finds such as vintage or good, timeless shapes that we can reinvent to inspire uniforms. It is part of our sustainability effort to reuse and create less waste in the world.

UKFT logo

UK Fashion & Textiles Association

We are proud to be partners of the UKFT as they support the fashion industry from start-ups to multi-billion British brands, in helping them strategise with their globalisation, sourcing and business mission trips. We wouldn’t be without their partnership and we are proud to be a British supplier on their list.

The Hot Yoga Brixton logo whcih is displayed as H Y B

Hot Yoga Brixton

Hot Yoga Brixton is our local yoga studio based in the heart of the community. It brings a diverse amount of people together, helping them reap the benefits of yoga practice in their daily lives in empowering their mental and physical wellbeing. We design their textile merchandise such as limited edition yoga mats, bags made of liberty fabric prints made from offcuts of our cushion factory waste. We also design their fantastic branded PU lined yoga bags and bike seat covers that you may have seen around Brixton. It also keeps us fit and healthy around our work.

We helped them put on a charity event where we provided the printed, bespoke t-shirts for which we gave out in Windrush Square to everyone who took part in the community yoga class. It was such fun and we were so proud to be part of supporting them. Read all about the event in the Brixton Bugle

Uniform Express logo

Uniform Express

For some of our projects we require a different volume or quality resource to that provided by our 46 factory partners. In these cases we partner with Uniform Express to help us deliver. From their state of the art storage and distribution centre in Oxfordshire, they also offer storage and daily distribution services. Their incredible online stock management system is unique to the industry, monitoring inventory levels and triggering reordering well before clients run out of stock.

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