Textile factory in China

Factory introductions

We can help you source the most appropriate and beautiful fabrics and trims for your project. We find the perfect match factory partner for your product needs within our current tried and tested 46 strong supplier bases.

We are also able to use our sourcing skills to find you a quality supplier, with the right values, product offering, quality standards, price and ethics.

Ever had a brilliant idea for a collection or product but struggled to find a tried and tested, trusted factory to facilitate and make all the elements expertly? Could you save valuable time, money and mistakes that cost you way more than you’d dreamed of investing?

Well, we have the answer! We have scoured the globe from the UK to the remotest regions of China and India and built valuable relationships of trust, integrity and ethics with suppliers who happen to have excellent materials from resources dedicated to them.

Our factory introduction service covers:

  • Contract and resource pack
  • Transparent commission model with our factory
  • Overseeing production or development when required (additional fees apply)
  • Retainer model of £39 per month for 1 hour of telephone/email support

Starting from £1,000.