Bespoke Textiles blue pussy bow dress

Bespoke methodology

We work with our BESPOKE methodology in order to encompass your style, environmental values more fully building greater depth to our discovery and design. The BESPOKE acronym stands for:


We discover what you love and what you don’t like so we know what the new designs need to incorporate. We also find out what essential properties and practicalities the items need to have. This helps us build beautiful and timeless styles and products for our clients.


We make sure we do everything with the highest ethics and that these run all the way down the supply chain; from the product we are designing for our clients through to the people involved in making the product.


Uniforms and products must have style with purpose so they have a practical application, which will provide more longevity and better retention of team.


We choose very carefully which suppliers we work with so we have great quality relationships, supporting strong family businesses. We ensure staff are looked after as if a family, building better results and relations for our clients. We believe both clients and suppliers should be cared for equally to do and be their best and have the best product or garment outcomes.


We have a six-step programme that helps ensure the product journey is organised and structured so to deliver exceptional products and services.


Kindness creates karma. If you communicate clearly and politely you will get a seamless ecosystem of both serving clients well and factories serving you.

Endless sustainable repeatable supply

We believe what we make should be sustainable. We use recycled or end of line fabrics wherever possible and for bespoke orders only weave what we really need. Conscious about fabrics using less water and our products being cared for and maintained for longer, saving waste. This provides a tailored but sustainable source of repeat supply.