The Forever Young clothing labels

Menswear & Ladieswear Collection

The Bespoke Uniforms Collection, which was inspired by vintage clothing and established in 2004, is proud to launch a limited edition, ready-to-wear uniform collection exclusively for Bespoke Textiles.

This unique collection has a timeless, classic, British feel and is designed for elegant and stylish professionals and their teams. The clothing will be made to order and will normally be delivered within four weeks. Very large orders may take slightly longer but will be at a lower price point per unit.

This is one of the most sustainable collections with zero waste, and the use of surplus designer and end of life materials. Small orders will be handmade locally in London.

Due to the use of dead stock, we may sometimes suggest the use of alternative materials. If your preferred colour or material is not shown, you can contact us at to discuss other options. We will always put your style and needs at the heart of our business.

So choose your bespoke colours, materials and details from our Bespoke Uniforms Collection – made with love to last forever.