Middle Temple merchandise case study

Middle Temple bespoke merchandise collection

Our client

Middle Temple are an ancient non-profit law association with a database of over 10,000 members, which is constantly growing. The law society which has heritage dating back to 1610 – Knights of the Templar – required a bespoke merchandise collection for their Alumni members, new to be barristers, and visitors.

The challenge

  • The association had been sourcing off the shelf products, that were generic and not uniquely created to them, and had their logo just added, which did not suit their unique rich heritage.
  • Their branding was not creatively integrated into these off the shelf merchandise products and needed more of an expert eye and an approach that was unique.
  • They had no products that catered for the female barristers and were missing a best seller in a teddy bear.

Our process to create a unique merchandise collection

Understanding the customer needs – They have hundreds of visitors every day, alumni members and events such as calling to the bar days. These special occasions and opportunities require a collection of prestigious memorabilia and collection of merchandise to buy as gifts and accessories, something unique to remember their experience by. A large amount of the guests are family and friends celebrating their young barristers being called to the bar as well as international tourists who are staggered by the heritage and who want to see the history of this ancient place from the 16th century hidden world. The association needed a merchandise range of distinction.

Meeting brand guidelines

We had brand guidelines to adhere to, ensuring that the traditional values were still present, but with a contemporary, luxurious and unique edge added.

We proposed a range of merchandise ideas from teddies to ties, created inspiration boards to convey how these could fit into a bespoke collection and created alumni collection labels. The client selected favourite designs to develop into prototypes.

We sourced quality suppliers who could manufacture the high-end merchandise, tested them and visited them for research and approval. All the suppliers that we found for new products were specialists in their product category, from cufflinks, key rings, ties, teddy bears, pashminas, luxury gift bags, phone cases and jacquard socks.

Core brand colours

There were three core brand colours that were factored into our proposed designs; red, grey and black. We created a series of designs per product, giving the client a choice, showing them different ways in which their branding can be incorporated into the products which were presented to their committee for final seal of approval and budget.

The designing of the barrister’s outfit for a teddy bear included adorning with the association’s branding, of course. We also put together a tie range for male Alumni members and a pashmina range for the females.

Designs were prototyped, an exciting stage, seeing their designs to come to life. After approval or refining we moved onto bulk production and had deliveries made in line with their summer call day, which was the perfect time to test out the new collection. We actually assisted at the call day and saw our products selling really well, the adorable teddies were especially popular.

The outcome

  • Sales have increased by £30,000 in 6 months, retaining £19,000 more profit. We helped them order 100 pieces per style to test range.
  • They now have a bespoke collection that stands out from competitors.
  • Members and visitors have an array of quality products to choose from to help connect with the association.
  • High quality, bespoke customer specific products made in small order batches, as opposed to off the shelf generic product.
  • Female members also have a product category specific to them.
  • Middle Temple are now going to offer their merchandise collection online, where the products will be sold internationally.
  • Sustainable supply chain set up for repeating orders easily.
  • Staff love the tie and cufflink which they are proud to wear unlike previous accessories which did not inspire quality.
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