Forever Young Emporium

The rebirth of ForeverYoung Emporium brings a rich vintage and exotic maturity to the original brand Forever Young, the heart brand and namesake of Katie Young launched at London Fashion Week 2004. Now back, to celebrate LFW 2021 bringing even more of her heartland of Sustainability, Vintage and fond memories of‘ treasures’ found on exotic travels and life living in Asia in the 90’s. This influence is combined with her long career that began as sample developer for English Eccentrics and her childhood, growing up in a seaside town in Somerset discovering Vintage clothes that belonged to entire wardrobe collections donated by relatives of old ladies retiring to the area. Katie pays homage to her earliest work and influences by unveiling a capsule collection that reimagines clothes and materials in unique new ways that brings heritage, heirlooms & beautiful fabrics that might otherwise go to waste.

As the designer and founder of Bespoke Textiles, the discrete name behind the dress codes of some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, Katie has honed her skill for producing delectable and lasting garments!

Chinoiserie style x meets English Eccentrics x meets Vintage heirlooms reflects Katie’s first moment when she travelled to Hong Kong and discovering the exquisite store Shanghai Tang, that touched all her senses from aromas to colour and the richness of oriental jacquards in jackets displayed being so elegant it took her breath away. Reimagining an Emporium of her own like this one day that brings you to a place of richness and home whilst being thousands of miles from her heartland and love of second hand shops! Combine this with her passion for Spirituality and love of festivals such as Glastonbury you get the picture of this collection!

This first incarnation comes in the collection of a “Forever Pieces” form of such pieces as the oriental magenta bomber and the metallic and teal lace version. The biker jacket made of old English Eccentrics scarves with slim and sexy plain black sleeves. The charcoal bolero shows sensual drapery with a velvet touch and the leopard print stretch jersey jacket all echo the glamour of the seventies rock star and are paired with a range of flattering body conscious jumpsuits, like the gold lurex classic. Pussy bow necklines are married to satin dresses and blouses in black, emerald, navy and purple that emanate the off-stage chic of an off-duty prima ballerina. A rose dress adds a contour conscious wardrobe staple that gathers into a floral bud shape.

This playful palette from a maestro of avoiding the throw away, looks set to mirror the need for locally produced garments that have the longevity to be keepsakes and be borrowed by the next generation.

Her strapline being “ Re made with Love to last Forever”